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We manage our own portfolio of sites that have together more than 200M pageviews per year. We know how hard is to build and raise a project and that’s why we’ve come up with a monetizing solution that drives revenue skywards, allowing website owners to focus on creating great content.

We know there’s a huge number of ad networks out there that promise to make more money from your site, but most of the times that simply implies putting up a higher number or more aggressive ads. And we all know that Google values the most the experience that users are getting.

That’s why BRIGHT doesn’t compromise on the UI/UX best practices.

On-page monetization is king

BRIGHT aims to increase the revenue brought by web properties without interfering with display ads. The control lies 100% with the website owner and you decide which measures should be implemented or not.

Our deals revolve around intent traffic, and online queries that could end up with a software/tech purchase but usually don’t. For the average publisher it is vey hard to maintain both the content operations, as well as take care of the ad optimization part.

That’s where we step in and our highly experienced team of on-page monetization experts.

How do we accomplish that?

We are not an affiliate network, we are not a low quality auto service that links deals to your content, we simply do the hard work and we do it well. We have actual people taking care of your campaigns and making sure that you’re getting the best optimization that your traffic needs. Our monetization team surveys the partner’s website, finds the best opportunities to implement our strategy and recommends the changes needed.

Beyond that, we:

  • Provide exclusive monetization deals to tech and software websites, since we manage a large network of publishers that allows us to unlock deals that aren’t available on the market.
  • Have means of reaching other markets, such as travel, finance, development, etc.
  • Connect publishers to a dedicated account manager which will reply to your queries in 24h timeframe, via email or Slack.

Our partners


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Strategic Partnership


90% organic traffic.

100% expert created content.

100% brand safety, guaranteed.

We specialize in strategic partnerships that connect millions of people with the right answers they seek online. Our digital brands empower people to make confident buying decisions when it comes to making the most from their tech life.

Our team of programmatic experts, data scientists, engineers, and account managers work together with your side to deliver amazing results. We deliver higher ROI for our clients as compared to our competitors because we are passionate about crafting content that helps both our readers and our partners.

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